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You’ve been thinking about it for awhile now, deciding today is as good a time as any to to see what’s out there about surrogacy. You’ve want to find out everything you can about surrogacy to see if it’s even right for you. So you google “surrogacy” and get millions of hits.

This is a major decision impacting nearly every aspect of you and your family’s lives, including your future. You believe truly informed decisions combine research-based facts with insight from people who have been there themselves.

That’s where surrogate2surrogate comes in. We’ve asked experienced surrogates to talk about what’s important, from what they wished they’d found out before jumping in to how they knew it was time to hang up their surrogate hat for the last time.

This is a work in progress. We’re here to lay out what surrogates have gone through so you can benefit from their experience as you finalize the plan that makes the most sense for you and your family.

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Help Another Family Grow

How often have you said having a child turned your world upside down in so many wonderful ways? Surrogacy makes it possible for Intended Parents to fulfill a lifelong dream — experiencing the joy of a baby of their very own.

Be One of the Exceptional Few

Consciously choosing to do a treatment cycle to carry and deliver a healthy baby for others takes a positive, persistent person. Join the small, tight-knit community of women who place the needs of others above their own.

Be A Role Model For Your Children

We all tell our children how important it is to help and support others. Surrogacy puts these words into action, showing you are committed to helping others in real life.

Build Your Family's Future

Every parent’s goal is to give their children the best future possible. Compensation earned through surrogacy can create your children’s college fund, finance specialized training to jump start a new career, or speed the day you put a down payment on the house you’ve always wanted.

Why SoCal Surrogacy?

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 Surrogate Benefits and Compensation

There are two types of surrogate benefits. Compensation and allowances/expenses. Compensation and allowances are distributed according to the schedule built into the surrogate benefit package once all parties sign and notarize the surrogate contract.


Compensation can be paid over time or on a one-time basis. Allowances are paid once a month.

First-time surrogates generally receive a $40,000 base compensation fee. This fee begins a designated number of days following ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy and continues through delivery. Common monthly allowances include monthly expenses and housekeeping.  Special allowances may be added at Intended Parent request, e.g., monthly Organic Food Allowance. Other compensation occurs on a reimbursement basis. Reimbursed compensation includes mileage, surrogate medical insurance premium, co-pays and deductibles, lab fees and costs, expressed breast milk service, etc.  Potential invasive procedures or potential changes in the treatment cycle outside the surrogate’s control is built into the surrogate benefit package and occur on a one-time basis.

Here’s how these two types of payment typically look for a first-time surrogate:

Top 5 Tips to Selecting a Surrogacy Agency

  1. Ethical — Look for an agency with a reputation for adhering to surrogate guidelines from the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.
  2. Trustworthy — A surrogacy agency is trustworthy when they are dedicated to conducting business in an open, honest manner among and between all parties.
  3. Professional —You want to work with an agency that maintains a positive presence across all media reflecting the way they  interact with surrogates, Intended Parents and agency partners alike.
  4. Stability — Stable agencies have been in business 10 years or more, are owned and operated by people with a professional background, business training, and an extensive industry-specific knowledge base well beyond having been a surrogate themselves.
  5. Availability — A surrogacy agency is there for you when live people can be reached whenever you need them and there’s a variety of support services to meet individual surrogate needs throughout the full course of your surrogacy.



✅  Motivated by helping others

✅  Enjoy being pregnant

✅  Successfully delivered at least one child

✅  Uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery at 38+ weeks

✅  5 vaginal deliveries or less

✅  2 C-sections or less

✅  Finished breastfeeding

✅  Raising your own children

✅  Live in a smoke-free home

✅  Ages 21-38

✅  US Citizen

✅  Financially stable with independent source of income (no government assistance)

✅  Psychologically stable with no history of mental illness or hospitalizations

✅  Medically healthy with no past or present medical conditions

✅  BMI of 32 or less

✅  Clear background criminal & DMV check – no alcohol/drugs

✅  Full support of partner/family

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